Nasu, Tochigi #1

Mount Nasu and Nasu Highlands

You may want to go to Nikko if you visit Tochigi, but I would like to suggest another place: Nasu.  It is not very far from Tokyo, and it is a tourist resort, but not as crowded as Nikko.

Mount Nasu is one of the 100 most famous Japanese mountains. It has five peaks: Sanbonyari-1916m, Chausu (active volcano)-1915m, Asahi-1896m, Minamigatsusan-1776m, and Kuro-oya-1589m.  You can enjoy great views from the mountain.

Here are some photos taken from Mount Nasu. A few hours walk is necessary.

Next are photos taken from the rope way (Japanese only website) or and the Gondola at Mt. Jeans.

Komadome-no-taki falls, in autumn and summer:

1000 Jizo and Sessho-Seki

View of Mount Nasu:

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This is Nasu#2

Nasu, Tochigi #2
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Nasu Highlands area accommodation is a bit pricy, but you can stay in Kuroiso, the closest town to Nasu, as a base.

Chus ( is a guest house in Kuroiso for backpackers, couples and families. There is a bus service to the Nasu Highlands area from Kuroiso train station.  Once you get to Nasu, you can rent a bike (Japanese only website) or ride on a rope way (Japanese only website) to Mount Nasu.

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