Nasu, Tochigi #2

Nasu has a lot of tourist attractions, and you can find them easily if you search.  I would like to show you parts of Nasu not found in a brochure.

There are no well-known tourist attractions on this page.  As you will see, even where there are website links, the website is in Japanese. It means there aren’t a lot of tourists visiting that area. 

To start with, you need a car or bicycle as the area has no convenient public transportation.  Car rental is easy but has issues of cost, driving license, and driving on the left, so I will write about bicycle rental.

You can rent one at Machizukuri Center near Kurodahara station (about 5 minutes walk).

The website is only in Japanese, so I will write some details.

Opening hours are 9:00am – 4:00pm every day except they are closed on Wednesday. Note that if Wednesday happens to be a national holiday, they open on Wednesday and close on Thursday.

Fee: 1000yen for 3 hours or 2000yen for a day (Hybrid on/off road bike)

1500yen for 3 hours or 2500yen for a day (Road bike)

For details and reservations, call +81-287-73-8810 or send email to

There aren’t many shops where you are heading to, so I recommend that you get something to drink and snacks at a convenience store near Machizukuri Center.

Please note that if you decide to cycle, the road may looks flat but it is not always so, even in non-mountainous areas.  Please take your time and enjoy the simple countryside scenery.

Now you are ready to go.  Just enjoy the scenery of Nasu!

There are a lot of rice paddies!  You might see a Japanese green pheasant (Japan’s national bird) if you are lucky.

Well, I can suggest to you some destinations, and you can also enjoy the scenery on the way there.

Lotus Flowers

You can only see these flowers from the end of July to the middle of August.  This place is famous to local people, but only one farmer is growing them so you won’t be able to find the place easily.  If you visit this area during the lotus season, please ask at the Machizukuri center.  It is not very far from there.  Please note that there is no car park.  His flowers are looked after very well, and as they are in the middle of a rice paddy, the background of the flowers is a nice green.

Iono Michi-no-Eki

Michi-no-eki (Road stations) are roadside rest areas located along highways. There are a few in Nasu, but the closest one from the bike rental center is Iono michi-no-eki.   It is about 9.6km SSE. 

道の駅 東山道伊王野(とうさんどう いおうの) - 那須の観光。巨大水車で挽いた名物水車そばや、新鮮野菜や地元物産も豊富にご用意!!

There is a vegetable (plus other stuff) shop, 2 restaurants and 1 snack stand.

Also, that area has some historical monuments.  You can get more information at Iono michi-no-eki.

Minozawa – Red Spider Lily

If you go to Nasu in September, you should have a good chance to see the “red spider lily“.  Minozawa is famous for them.

蓑沢の彼岸花 咲き始めました! (さわやか那須だより ~スタッフブログ~)

It is about 6 km NE from Iono michi-no-eki.  You have no choice but to go via Iono, as there is no straight road from the bike rental center to Minozawa.

Ashino Gotenyama Park

Ashino Gotenyama Park is about 4.5km North from Iono-michi-no-eki or about 5.7km SE from the bike rental center.

There are 800 cherry trees there, so it is beautiful during cherry blossom time.  You can also view Mount Nasu if the weather is clear.

Yoshinome-Yusui – Spring Water

The next place is Yoshinome-yusui (Spring water), about 4 km North from Ashino Gotenyama Park or about 4.5 km East from the bike rental center.  The water is very cold.  The water is very good for drinking, cooking and making coffee or tea. Some local people grow flowers there, so you may be able to see the seasonal flowers.

This is well known by local people, but it could be difficult for you to find it. There aren’t many people on the street you can ask for directions, so please ask in advance where this spring water is, at Iono-michi-no-eki or the bike rental center.

Sasadaira Wetland

I have two more places to add to the list.  One of them is Sasadaira Wetland.

It is a very small one, and sometimes there are no flowers or plants to see, so you might be disappointed.  It is known that Emperor Hirohito visited there twice, but it is never crowded.  It is about 6km NE from the bike rental center or 3.5km North from Yoshinome-yusui.

Yanome Water Dam

The last place is Yanome water dam.

矢の目ダム周辺 (さわやか那須だより ~スタッフブログ~)

You can walk around the dam.  This place is most beautiful in autumn.  It is about 5km North from Sasadaira wetland or 9km NE from the bike rental center.

Franklin’s Cafe

Finally, I would like to mention a cafe.  It is about 4.2km SW from the bike rental center.  The name is “Franklin’s Cafe“.

那須高原の東側のカフェ。スペシャルティ コーヒー グレードの厳選されたコーヒーを国際バリスタが抽出する那須の本格カフェ。コーヒー以外にもフードが充実しておりランチ・ディナーも大好評いただいております。Music/Art/Forestをコンセプトに土曜を中心にアコースティックLIVEやアート作品の展示をしています。

As it is not in the Nasu Highlands area, the price is very reasonable.   They also serve a good cup of coffee.


There is an English and other languages brochure for the Nasu Highlands area.

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