Ogawa-mura, Nagano


If you plan a trip to Japan in spring, you may want to see cherry trees in bloom.

This year, my husband and I went to three places to take photos of cherry trees. One of them was Ogawa-mura in Nagano.

Ogawa-mura is a small village, and we have passed it a few times on the way to Hakuba (famous for mountains).  It was our first time to stay there.  Cherry tree blooming time is not easy to predict. I booked the accommodation two weeks earlier and hoped for the best.

We were lucky!

We saw not only cherry trees, but came across great views and even a wild animal.

This is the view I took from the hotel room window.

It was a nice Japanese style place, only 400m from a famous cherry tree spot.

Ogawa-mura does not have any passenger railway service, but there is a bus service from Nagano station.

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