Taketomi, Hatoma and Kuroshima

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Yaeyama Islands Travel Information
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Taketomi is the island closest to Ishigaki, about 10 minutes by boat.  Therefore, there are a lot of tourists compare to the other islands.  It is not big. You can rent a bike to go around the island.

There is a viewing point in the middle of the town.

The day we went there, the weather wasn’t great.  I couldn’t take any photos with blue sky and the sea, but I could take some photos of the cats.  There were quite a few there.

I found the Shisa were interesting too,  though they are not only in Taketomi.


By boat, Hatoma is about 55 minutes from Ishigaki, or 10 minutes from Iriomote Uehara Port.

It is a small island with a beautiful beach and clear ocean water.

There were a lot of goats walking freely.  Also, there were pretty flowers and butterflies.


Kuroshima is 35 minutes from Ishigaki. It is shaped like a heart so it is sometimes called Heart Island. There are no traffic lights and no police box but there are 10 times more cows than people. There is no river and maybe that’s why the ocean is so clear. You need a bicycle to get around this island as it is rather big.  The island is flat so it’s not hard to pedal.  It wasn’t crowded at all in March.  Nothing really special, just many cows and crows.  Time seems to pass slowly there.

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