Towada, Aomori


Once, in Nagano, we met a Swiss couple traveling in Japan.  They told us that they wanted to go to Towada in Aomori, but gave up as they couldn’t find convenient transportation.

Aomori is the northernmost prefecture of the Japan mainland and it is rather big.  There are many places to see, so if you manage to get there you won’t regret the trip.

I was going to introduce Aomori all at once, but digging out the photos I took in Aomori, I found so many of them.  We went there more than I thought.

Therefore, to start with, I will upload the photos of Towada city.

It is beautiful all around the year, but I like spring the best.  There are about 150 cherry trees in the centre of town.  They are lit up at night during cherry blossom time.  Also there is the Towada art center so there are statues and other art objects along the main street.

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Once when I heard that they have artistic illumination in December, we went there just see it.

Oisare Valley

Oirase valley is in Towada-city, but it’s not very close to the center of the city.  It is about 30 km away.  Many people visit in the spring and autumn. We did too, but we also went there in winter.  There are a lot of waterfalls there and in winter some of them are frozen.

These spring photos are in Oriase.  It rained the day before so there was a lot of water.


Towada lake is about 6 km from Oirase valley.  We went there a few times, but were never lucky with the weather.

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